UrbanLab #1: Connaught Place

The UrbanLabs Series consist of one conference and several workshop days for the participants.

The conference day  of the UrbanLab took place on the 12th July, 2017.
The Lab Days were organised on the 13th and 14th July, 2017.

With about 100 confirmed and registered participants for the conference and about 60 participants for the two-days-workshop, we were able to host a delighting exchange event of ideas with representatives from a wide range of professional sectors, from academia and research institutions to planning practice, initiatives and economic institutions.

Conference: The thematic fields were located within Inclusive and Integrated Development, Integrated Strategies, Smartness, Waste and Water Management, Urban Design Initiatives, Transport Planning and Future Mobility, Architectural Solutions, Data Visualisation, Gentrification Trends, Life Cycle Thinking, Governance and Implementational Challenges, Stakeholder Inclusion and more.

Workshop: This event was organised in thematical groups – e.g. Architecture, Mobility, Waste Management, Governance etc. Following the interdisciplinary approach of IGSI and the Urban Design Thinking developed at the TU Berlin, the participants identified special needs, developed human-centred solutions and created first prototypes.

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